Kick Out Malaria in Bariga

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PEER Group Initiative organized its annual Kick out Malaria Program under its Community Action Program. It was held to commemorate the UN World Malaria Day. As PEER Group Initiative tries to tackle community problems holistically, we designed the program to completely draw malaria out of the community. The program had three stages: Exercises to clean up the community. Free medical tests for malaria. And the distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide treated nets.
The program was sponsored by Exxon Mobil, Lagos State Ministries of Health and Environment, Adesola Clinic – Bariga, Lagos State Waste Management Authority and a lot of youth organizations!
The program directly affected thousands of lives and indirectly touched hundreds of thousands of lives who would have had their properties and lives destroyed had we not cleared blocked canals and drainages.
Salu Adepeju is not only the Founding Leader of PEER Group Initiative, but also a CYFI 2013 Fellow.