Project Overview

According to Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN), there are over 17.2 million struggling micro, small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria. These businesses struggle majorly because they lack skills and capacity to access information and resources that will help them grow their businesses. Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center, is home to many of such businesses. As a result, economic growth has been adversely affected and this has led to societal challenges such as youth unemployment, poverty and a increasing crime rate.

Our Solution

A web/mobile application that will connect MSMEs to funding information and modern business practices that will help them become successful. We are building the largest web/mobile forum for MSMEs that will not only allow them to access their business needs, but that will allow them to connect with each other to share information and monitor each other in a fun and educative way on a easy-to-use portal.

Project Goals

To reach 1,000 micro and small business within 8 months in Lagos through strategic training and connection with relevant resources, leveraging on mobile application technology.

Project Objectives

  1. To disseminate information on different business opportunities available to small and micro businesses
  2. To make available entrepreneurial training resources and materials to small and micro businesses
  3. To create an avenue for interaction and networking among small businesses in Nigeria