E-Health Initiative

Project overview

This year, the 2014 Health Team fellows are implementing a health-education project tagged “E-HEALTH INITIATIVE”. This project aims to use mobile technology as a platform to interact and disseminate age appropriate health information that will enlighten and engage 4,000 students in Lagos State owned Government Schools. The Support systems for continuous engagement over the one year period include SMS, Social media/BlogSpot, Radio Drama Recorded on CD and a 1-Day Medical Fair.

Specifically, our project activities for the one year period are as follows:

  • Collaboration with NGOs and medical experts to develop age appropriate health information in the areas of SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND GENERAL HYGIENE
  • Campaign and collection of student data in a minimum of 18 public & private secondary schools to introduce the SMS platform
  • Deploy weekly SMS health tips and create help-lines via which adolescents with more difficult concerns can interact and reach out for help. This will be manned by team members and we will connect adolescents to identified established health organizations (NGOs) that have relevant expertise
  • Continuously use BlogSpot in conjunction with other social media channels (Facebook, 2go, Twitter) to drive awareness, engage participants and enhance interactions between participants on the health topics
  • Establish partnership with Telecoms Company or other related organizations to deploy SMS to participants
  • Produce and record a radio drama accessible to interested governmental and non-governmental organization for health educational and advocacy purposes
  • Organization of a 1-day medical fair in Lagos that will involve a major health conference and free medical tests and counseling services for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, eye test, BMI, genotype, tuberculosis amongst others. Though the medical fair will be targeted at adolescents, it will be open to the general public. The medical fair will highlight the project success so far, drive awareness, engage participating adolescents, involve more participants and provide a wider platform for participating NGOs to provide medical tests and counseling services


The following are our project outcomes:

  1. A crop of young Nigerians who can care for their health
  2. Elicit a change in behavior
  3. Create a channel linking children to health information and providers irrespective of socio economic status
  4. Young health ambassadors who can promote quality health information among peers
  5. Harness Nigeria’s strong telecomm sector for health development