Information for Transformation

Project Summary

Information for Transformation is a social media advocacy and education initiative geared towards promoting and strengthening civil liberties and the rule of law and rights leadership in Nigeria. The project will engage young civil liberties activist from marginalized populations (LGBT and disabled people) on the use of the media, establish an online presence for the promotion of civil liberties, and constitute a Nigerian Youth Civil Liberties Network for broader engagement on civil liberties for marginalized population.

Project Background

Civil liberties for marginalized population in Nigeria continue to be on the brink of the society and on national matters. Youth engagement on issues of social, political and economic situations in Nigeria is also on the low.
Notable amongst these marginalized populations are sexual minorities and disabled people. For sexual minorities it is evident in the proposition to criminalize and penalize the identities and behavior of LGBT people. Section 214, 215 and 217 of the Nigeria Penal Code criminalizes same sex relationships. This provision continues to impact negatively on the lives of sexual minorities in relation to social, political and economic justice. The Nigerian Senate has passed a bill to criminalize and penalize sexual minorities with up to 14years in jail.
For  people living with disabilities, the stigma and discrimination attached to them has affected the contribution of this population to the social, political and economic challenges of the country. This has resulted in the non-participation of these two groups in issues of good governance in relation to democracy.

Project Goal

The goal of the project to use social media as a platform for advocating for the rights of marginalized populations in Nigeria and creating youth leadership in the social, political and economic challenges  Nigeria currently faces.

Project Objectives

  1. To enhance and increase the capacity and knowledge of 20 young activists from marginalized populations as to optimal use of social media in the promotion of civil liberties,
  2. To establish an online presence as to the promotion of civil liberties  and youth engagement in social, political and economic issues in Nigeria,
  3. To mobilize leaders from within marginalized communities to form a critical mass of conscientized individuals for active, constructive and the cognitive citizen participation of minorities in public discourses.