Promenade Youth Initiative (PYI)

Project overview

Promenade Youth Initiative seeks to raise a generation of healthy, national and business leaders that will bring about social, economic and political change to Nigeria. 64 million out of 80 million Nigerian youth are currently unemployed and are also not able to harness their innate leadership qualities. Promenade Youth Initiative seeks to empower youth especially those graduating from secondary schools and technical colleges with entrepreneurial and leadership skills. We believe that this holistic intervention will help develop their capacities to be able to start up their own businesses, reducing unemployment and also  to function effectively as leaders in their communities.

Business Model

Develop a curriculum to empower youth in the core areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Responsible citizenship and National change for a cumulative of 12 hours spread over 6 weeks. Train facilitators using the developed curriculum who will go to partner schools to train the youth.


  1. Empower 1000 youth in 5 public secondary schools in Lagos between May and December 2013 with the capacity to start up their own businesses and function effectively as leaders within their communities.
  2. Build a community of young professionals passionate and ready to contribute to social, economic and political change in Nigeria by recruiting 35 of them to become facilitators and coordinators.
  3. Provide youth with the platform and opportunity to showcase their leadership and entrepreneurial skills by organizing a Promenade Youth Day where students would participate in mock business and local government contests using their newfound knowledge.