Sustainable Living Project

Project Overview

Proper sanitation and hygiene is a perquisite for a healthy being and environment, and this is one of the most challenging issues for developing cities especially Lagos state with a population of over 16 million people, making proper and safe sanitation a feat that seems almost insurmountable as knowledge on the subject is minimal, and practices even less. Our project, titled ‘Clean and Green’ is designed to:
  • Recruit and train 20 young people on sanitation and hygiene to help educate students in secondary schools;
  • Empower 250 students from 5 schools in appreciating and practicing proper sanitation and waste reuse and up-cycling, employing the trained young people as educators for 4 weeks; and
  • Work with the students to establish school gardens in each school and create different materials through up cycling.
At the end of the project, the school students trained during the project will have developed a practical understanding of sanitation and hygiene, and be able to practice and impact what they have learnt in their immediate surroundings.


The aim of this project is:
  1. Train 20 young people to become sanitation and hygiene educators.
  2. Empower 250 students from 5 schools to become sanitation and hygiene promoters