TIE Nigeria

Project Background

Even though the youths make up over 60% of Nigeria’s population, youth participation in governance today is negligible. If democracy, rule of law and good governance will prevail in Nigeria, the majority of the populace, especially youths, need to be adequately informed and ready to play a vital role in demanding accountability and transparency in the most strategic ways possible. Increased youth participation will put more pressure on leadership to perform thereby deepening our democracy and spreading the dividends of democracy.


TIENigeria is a non partisan, youth-based organization that champions the information of Nigerian youths on governance, facilitates strategic civic engagements and promotes peaceful youth-led calls for accountability and transparency in government, thereby improving governance in Nigeria today and nurturing future Nigerian leaders who have immersed themselves in constructive civic engagement.

Our Vision:

Our vision at TIENigeria is for Nigeria to have a stronger, well informed and involved youth voice for good governance that champions the cause for a united, equitable and prosperous nation.

Our Mission:

TIENigeria is dedicated to informing the youth populace on governance, innovating youth-oriented civic engagements and leading constructive, peaceful action towards good governance. Hence, TIENigeria aims to;

  1. Build a credible and objective online information platform that provides young people with important information to enhance their capacity as proponents of good governance.
  2. Organize programs that will continually engage leaders in solution-based discussions with the youths on social, political and economic issues in Nigeria.Champion causes that will strengthen the resolve of
  3. Nigerian youths to participate in the 2015 general elections and unite in peaceful actions towards corporate and political governance.