YGE Training at Baptist Girls School

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This was the very first of the YGE trainings slated to hold every forthnight in Baptist Girls School, Obanikoro geared at stimulating the interest of young girls in engineering, particularly girls in Junior Secondary 2.
The training started by 1pm with a video that ran for 5minutes highlighting the basic concept of the program. It also included a display of women who have had an impact in the engineering world and why more women are needed in this field.
The volunteers and team members were thereafter introduced to the girls as they warmed treated us to a loud ovation. YGE branded books, pens and the training manual for the day were handed out to the girls.
Introduction of the various engineering fields and the opportunities in these fields followed, after which the girls were divided into different groups to go more indepth in the discussion about Engineering fields with each group activity moderated by us.
A short presentation by each group ensued afterwards and this was a real eye opener as the girls dug deep within themselves to out do each group in their presentation.  Questions were asked by the girls and we responded appropriately.
To cap up the day’s activity at about 2:50pm, an evaluation form was handed out to each student to fill and record what they learnt, discovered and what they liked/disliked about the training.
Overall, we all had a wonderful time as the girls couldn’t hide their excitement and confessed that they couldn’t wait for the next training session.
In line with the goals of the YGE team of presenting engineering in a simple, fun and creative manner to stimulate the interest of young girls in the engineering field; the second session of the YGE training held in Baptist Girls’ Academy on Friday, 28th of June 2013.
The training started 1p.m with a recap of the last training session with brilliant contributions from the JSS 2 students on the various fields of engineering available and their practical applications. The subject of the day was about ‘modern day developments in mobile phone technology’. With the aid of a video shown on a projector, the forty-seven students were interactively introduced to the concepts of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones. Analogue and Digital principles were explained in a creative manner by using the analogy a stone thrown into a pool of water, sound signals and movement of players on a soccer pitch.
The session was extremely enlightening with intelligent questions being asked on bandwidth technology, phone call signals, text messages, web pages, mobile applications, video and audio transfer. We were enthralled by the high level of intelligent questions the students asked and we kept asking ourselves: are these JSS 2 students? After a wonderful time, the session ended at 4pm with the students reluctant to leave.
The next training would be on understanding scientific principles related to electricity, elements of circuit design and construction, basic electrical components and experimenting with conducting and nonconducting materials. The YGE team can’t wait for the next session. Its going to be fun.